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Hi, I’m Kristi Lee Serafin

Through my psychic and intuitive abilities 

I help women who feel trapped

by anxiety, fear and self-doubt

tap into their soul's innate wisdom

so they can clear and rebalance

the emotional and energetic barriers that are preventing them

from living

confident, joyous and fulfilling lives.

Listen to your BodyTalk and Eliminate your anxiety!

spiritual healer and Guide
Intuitive Body, mind, Spirit Healing 

I see, I feel, I hear the messages the body wants to reveal for our highest good and healing- the soul's messages. 

An individual's mind/body has a unique story that desires to be heard and witnessed so it can then be cleared

of it's old, outdated patterns and habits that are no longer serving them.

By tuning into this energetic field, we can get to the core issues or 'the gunk' that is lying beneath the surface

of our conscious thoughts.

Often it may feel like we are spinning our wheels going nowhere and when I tune-in energetically

I can see all the different ways we are energetically bond up!

It's no wonder why we feel so stuck and out of sorts with life and those around us.

Our body/mind knows how to heal themselves.

Such as when we cut ourselves the body immune system takes over to heal the wound.

But over time of not listening fully to our bodies and its needs, our energy systems may not be responding so well.

This is where I come in and I listen to your body - talk!

I listen at the conscious and unconscious levels, I read the energy field,

I tap into the body’s unique systems and all time past and present.

What is your body, mind, spirit screaming to be heard and healed?

What old dramas and traumas still in place since childhood or older than that?

Where is the pain? Where did it come from? Why is it still here?

They may have come in with the Mahut by way past-lives,

or maybe they were passed down through our ancestral lines?

What is the story that is repeating in the body/mind?

Is it Emotional? Spiritual? Mental? Physical?

That is holding you back?

Is your soul searching for the freedom to be happy and present and excited to be ALIVE? 

Together we get to the root of any situation!

We clear, release and restructure what your internal systems need

so your external LIFE reflects the goodness you are experiencing on the inside!

Sound too good to be true?

We are clearing the way for a healthier and more authentic version of your-self to immerse.

Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next.
— Joseph M. Marshall

my offering to support you

A woman is a full circle. within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
— Diane Mariechild

Join me on this marvelous journey


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We live too short and die too long. We are living longer in poor health than ever before. Our quantity of life is increasing while our quality of life is decreasing, in spite of our ever-rising standard of living. We are overfed and undernourished.
— Dr. Myron Wentz