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About Kristi Lee Serafin

The Soulpreneur Healer

The journey of the entrepreneur can beautiful and extremely challenging at the same time.

I know! I have been there, and I say enough!

No more- letting fear and doubt stand in our way!

No more- letting excuses stop us from success!

No more- hiding!

No more- sabotaging ourselves and staying small!

No more- not making the money that we desire!

Now is the time!

We are worthy! We are creative! We are passionate!

Now is the time to step into our true power!

I AM a seeker, in search of natural healing! Healing that is sustainable and available to everyone, at any time, wherever they may be in their life process. Deep healing that gets to the root of the issue and heals from the inside —> out, holistically, without medication when possible.

Shortly after I give birth to my fourth child, I got to experience energy healing, it was called BodyTalk, and it changed my life forever.


I was a tired, worn out and a bit overwhelmed with all the demands of motherhood when a friend asked me if I wanted to receive a session of this new healing modality she was training in. I am always curious, so I said- yes!

During that session, I felt the Magic & Miracle I needed and what I had been long searching for! I was amazed at how this woman knew all these things about me and my life that even I didn't realize consciously, but on some level, it made absolute sense. It was like she was tapping into the hidden and missing puzzle pieces of my life. I was intrigued and wanted more! I left that session curious of this new healing modality, but what shifted for me was still to come. What came next was a sense of peace and tranquility that penetrated deep within me and it even reached the rest of my family as well. It still leaves me in awe thinking back to those early days of BodyTalk and what it did from me and my mental and physical health.

I knew I needed to learn more about this BodyTalk Systems and Energy Healing and I have been studying Energy Medicine ever since! At the end of the day, BodyTalk found me and I followed its call.

I am here to share this healing work with other Soulpreneurs who feel alone on their Entrepreneur Journey. Women business owners who feel like no one understands them or can help them fulfill their destiny and life’s work. They are stuck in their businesses with not enough time, MONEY, freedom, creativity and trust! They feel like success is a thing that only happens to other Entrepreneurs but not to them or at least not yet- someday, maybe. They are trapped by their old failures, outdated beliefs, fears, doubts and lack of trust in themselves. They long for some other way of thriving in business. They desire a change and they want it NOW!


These women may feel they lack connection to their power and the willpower to see their businesses through to success. These Soulpreneurs are curious (what are they missing) and desire help. They want out of the old energetic blueprints that need updating. These imprints can be from this lifetime or past lifetimes (so much lies beneath the surface that most people are unaware of). All they know is that they are not where they desire to be at this point in the game and don’t know how to move out of the fears and doubts and lacks that hold them back. This energetic blueprint is heavy and feels like an energetic block to life and creativity and the success that resides there. They are trapped in old repetitive patterns of start/stop, reevaluate, go, pause, start and are experiencing it over and over again. How do I know? Because- I have been there! And like these passionate women I wanted out of that sense of LACK and was ready to move into the energy of ABUNDANCE!

The women I can help are ready to receive healing. They are ready to feel the light and the blessings that surround them. They want to be attuned to higher vibrations and channels of spiritual living- mind, body and soul healing! So they can soar in LIFE and BUSINESS!

This is where I step in and listen to their Soulpreneurs healing priority to success. I can see, I can feel, I can hear what needs to witnessed and shifted for the client. What it is that is under the surface but can not be seen with the everyday mental brain. It is a profound experience having someone else see you without judgment and with compassion the pure potential that you are and witnessing the shifts that are ready to be made and activated. We weave together your unique story in a holistic and spiritual dance of your pure potential and divine gifts within you. Let me walk with you on this Soulpreneur Journey!

It’s as if she knows the things that I don’t know but when she says it, it is completely right. I always leave here feeling a 100% better than I did when I walked in. Even if I feel good when I came in I feel EVEN BETTER and more clear when I walk out! She is amazing!
— Kristin S.

Let me hear your Body Talk!

Most days the pain in my hands are a 9/10 on the pain scale but after your session yesterday the pain in my hands are a 2 on that pain scale . I’m not sure what you did but I can’t believe it!
— Local Chiropractor


When I am not in session-

you can find me in a Kundalini yoga class, out in nature, hiking, reading, studying anything mystic or esoteric, pulling tarot and oracle cards, creating something crafty, taking a nap in the warm sun or shuttling the kids around.

We’re in each other’s life for a reason. Thanks for showing up!